Garmin launches auto navigation device with Amazon Alexa

Garmin Speak puts Amazon Alexa in your car

Garmin Speak updates the GPS for 2017 with Alexa, and good design

Ned Curic, Amazon Alexa's automotive VP, said, "Our vision is that the Alexa service will be everywhere our customers want it, including inside the auto".

Speak measures just an inch and a half and secures to your windshield with a magnetic mount.

The company on Tuesday launched Garmin Speak, a $149.99 Global Positioning System navigation device for your auto that offers hands-free access to Alexa.

"Alexa, play "Goin" Mobile' by The Who". Garmin and Amazon have launched a new device that looks kind of like the Amazon Echo Dot.

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Well, now Alexa is making its way into cars too.

The Garmin Speak with Amazon Alexa uses a data connection from a paired smartphone running the free Garmin Speak app, and can be ordered through Amazon or Best Buy for $149.99.

Need directions? Say "Alexa, ask Garmin to route me to" where you're going. The Speak actually integrates Alexa through the car's stereo so you won't be limited to a tiny speaker if you ask Alexa to play music, audiobooks, read you the news, and more. The Garmin Speak itself appears to house a small microphone. Turn-by-turn navigation is packaged with the Speak and doesn't require a subscription. What's more, the Garmin Speak integrates Alexa services through the vehicle stereo, meaning you can listen to music, audiobooks, news and weather through a full-fledged sound system (comparatively) instead of tiny speaker.

The Garmin Speak gives drivers access to Alexa's voice skills that include voice interaction, music playback, making to-do lists, weather, and more. However, Garmin's solution is interesting because it allows the driver to put away their phone and use its low-distraction hardware. It will sell for Dollars 149.99 and can be ordered through Amazon or Best Buy.

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