Google Chrome Antivirus Feature - Google added Basic antivirus features in chrome

Chrome is getting built-in antivirus on Windows

Google Chrome Antivirus Feature – Google added Basic antivirus features in chrome

However, even with sandboxing, automatic updates, and Safe Browsing technology, unwanted software still manages to find a way on to our PCs using Chrome. Now, there are new additions to this collection of tools with the latest update for Chrome browser.

That's because some 37,000 Google Chrome users have installed a fake version of the browser software. The first is related to extensions and sees Chrome now detect when user settings have been changed without a user's consent.

Chrome Cleanup has also gained a malware detection engine from antivirus firm ESET, which works in tandem with Chrome's sandbox technology.

Apparently, this warning has been extended to cover any HTTP website where users enter personal data, however, the badge will not be displayed until the point where users start entering personal data into the site. When an extension malicious change this parameter, the user experience is diminished and may even become unsafe because the user may be directed to the hacked sites. The interface has been made simpler and Cleanup now includes the option to automatically remove the harmful software when it is detected.

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Google are already working on an ad-blocking update which will be rolled out soon for Chrome users. The updated desktop Chrome also brings a new Ambient Light Sensor API that will allow websites to adapt to any changes in the intensity of light.

Google has introduced three changes to Chrome for Windows to improve the browser's malware detection and removal capabilities. These improvements will keep your settings secure, make your downloads safer and improves Google's ability to remove any bad programs it does find. With the complete roll out happening now, Rivard wrote "tens of millions" of users will get the features over the next few days.

It has also redesigned Chrome's Cleanup feature which offers a shortcut to restoring the browser's default settings after an infection.

And according to stats from NetMarketShare, Google Chrome is used by just over 77 per cent of internet users.

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