Developer Suing Apple For iPhone X 'Animoji' Trademark Infingements

Apple sued over 'Animoji' trademark, allegedly tried to buy IP rights prior to iPhone X debut

Oops, there already was an "Animoji" app out there, developers take Apple to court

The App costs nearly $0.99 on the iTunes. Emonster, a software development firm based out of Tokyo, applied the mark to a titular app that hit the iOS App Store on July 23, 2014.

According to the complaint, Bonansea's app similarly allows users "to animate characters inside messages". Apple's "Animoji" feature deliberately infringes on Plaintiffs' ANIMOJI mark. "With full awareness of plaintiffs" Animoji mark, Apple made a decision to take the name and pretend to the world that "Animoji' was original to Apple", the lawsuit read. While not exactly popular, Bonansea's lawsuit (PDF) argues that Apple knew about the Animoji app, both because it has been in the App Store for the past three years and, as he alleges, Apple attempted to buy the name from him.

If we talk about the original Animojis which were introduced during the launch event of the new iPhone X, the Animoji feature is fairy new to Apple as the company has introduced the Face ID feature for the first time starting with the new iPhone X smartphone which is yet to be available in the market.

This time on the platter for you isn't some ingenious idea by Apple, rather a very serious notion; Apple is sued by a Japanese company!

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In the lawsuit filed in a USA federal court, Emonster said: "Apple made the conscious decision to try to pilfer the name for itself". Recently, a Japanese Company sued Apple over "Animoji" trademark. Apple's compliance with the scenario points that the company was aware of the trademark. He further claims that he asked Apple to remove other apps in the App Store that infringed on his Animoji trademark, and that Apple complied with his requests.

Commentatorssay the lawsuit suggests an aggressive fight over the trademark may be in the offing. However, Bonansea says that was a technical error on his part, and that he should have filed the trademark under the name of his original company.

Apple's "Animoji" feature, according to the company's September 12 press release, uses the iPhone X's new camera features to analyze over 50 different facial muscle movements, "then animates those expressions in a dozen different Animoji, including a panda, unicorn and robot".

Emonster kk's lawsuit is demanding that Apple changes the name of their brand new feature and pay an unnamed sum on money for the "damages" it has caused.

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