You can now send and receive money in Facebook Messenger with PayPal

JP Mangalindan Senior CorrespondentYahoo Finance

JP Mangalindan Senior CorrespondentYahoo Finance

Online payment gateway PayPal now lets US users send and request money via Facebook Messenger.

PayPal has also launched a customer service bot for the Messenger app, which allows the user to effortlessly accept payment and to get account assistance directly in the Facebook Messenger app.

In the meantime, Facebook has also signed a partnership with PayPal for the integration of the e-payment service and the Messenger. Now, users can choose PayPal as their default funding source for peer-to-peer payments through the messaging tool, which will likely shift some of PayPal's $80 million payment volume, per TechCrunch. Basically, this means that PayPal customers will be able to receive payment and account support directly in Messenger. In addition to this, a new customer service Messenger bot will be rolled out today as well.

The latest Facebook Messenger update can manually be performed through an APK, which can be downloaded from APK Mirror. The bot is aimed to help with refunds as well payment issues. Trulia's bot, for instance, serves up rental listings to users who put in their zip code and price range, while Kayaks bot helps Messenger users find flights, places to stay and rental cars.

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To access the new PayPal feature, all you have to do is tap the blue plus icon inside Messenger. However, the option is only enabled for users in selected markets. The green payments button is the next thing you need to tap, and then you can select PayPal to send the funds to a contact.

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