Air Canada flight lands at USA airport without permission

New Animation Video Offers Closer Look at Air Canada Near Miss at SFO

New Animation Video Offers Closer Look at Air Canada Near Miss at SFO

The potential landing danger follows a close-call on July 7, which also involved an Air Canada jet at San Francisco International.

"There's no one on 28R but you", the air controller told the Air Canada pilot at the time.

But the flight crew never acknowledged any of the instructions, even after controllers started flashing the crew with a red light gun to make the go-around, which is standard protocol when a crew is not responding to radio coms. He said the FAA is investigating the incident.

"Upon landing the crew was informed the tower had attempted unsuccessfully to contact the aircraft, however, the message was not received by the crew", airline spokesperson Peter Fitzpatrick says.

"The Air Canada crew did not acknowledge any of the controller's instructions", Gregor said by email.

Luckily for the plane, the runway was clear of traffic by the time it touched down at 9:26 p.m.

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In the event, the previous jet had actually left the runway and the Air Canada flight was able to land safely without incident.

Nonetheless, the FAA is now investigating Sunday's breakdown in communication which is second unsafe incident involving an Air Canada flight at the same airport.

The Airbus A320 was reportedly preparing to land on SFO on Runway 28-Right (28R) after a six-hour flight from Montreal. According to the FAA, four full planes were lined up and awaiting approval to take off.

Air Canada officials released a brief statement Tuesday about Flight AC781.

In July, another Air Canada plane almost landed on a crowded taxiway at San Francisco's airport. Federal investigators determined that pilot error caused the plane to arrive too low at the airport runway. "He's on the taxiway!" In the meantime, the FAA issued new guidelines for nighttime landings and control tower staffing at San Francisco's airport.

It follows an incident on July 7 at SFO when an Air Canada jet nearly struck planes on the ground after it lined up wrongly to land.

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