Azerbaijan talks on Bad Rabbit ransomware's infecting state structures

Bad Rabbit ransom note               Image Kaspersky Lab

Bad Rabbit ransom note Image Kaspersky Lab

Named Bad Rabbit, it has hit networks in Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Germany.

Ransomware - that is, malicious software that blocks access to the contents of a system and demands payment for it to be unlocked - is hardly a new phenomenon.

In Ukraine, the functioning of computer systems of Odessa worldwide airport (south) has been assigned.

The jumping boards used by the hackers included the Russian media group Interfax and the website Interfax confirmed its servers had gone down due to a cyberattack. The technical services shall take all measures to restore the work systems.

All the Windows antivirus software we review at Tom's Guide, including Windows Defender, should be able to detect and stop Bad Rabbit.

Earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Justice reported there are more than 4,000 ransomware attacks each day against businesses and consumers.

The attack resembles the ExPetr assault that occurred earlier this year. Analysis by security firm Malwarebytes found a number of similarities with NotPetya.

United States officials said they had "received multiple reports of Bad Rabbit ransomware infections in many countries around the world".

Computers infected with the malware direct users to a TOR (The Onion Router) domain where they are asked to pay.05 Bitcoin (around $276) in exchange for the return of their data. A Kaspersky note explains how the malware uses a drive-by attack to infect a computer. "Apart from this, it has also a hardcoded list of credentials". "It has been targeting organizations and consumers, mostly in Russian Federation but there have also been reports of victims in Ukraine." the Kaspersky Lab experts said.

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It elaborated: "We have also seen similar but fewer attacks in Ukraine, Turkey, and Germany".

"Based on our investigation, this is a targeted attack against corporate networks, using methods similar to those used in the ExPetr [Petya] attack. However, we can not confirm it is related to ExPetr", the team added.

A major Canadian company was forced to pay $425,000 in Bitcoin over the weekend to restore its computer systems after.

According to Kaspersky Lab, there were nearly 200 targets. "CrowdStrike Intelligence can confirm that this website was hosting a malicious JavaScript inject as part of a Strategic Web Compromise (SWC) attack on 24 October 2017". Victims were then redirected to a site that downloads the malware. "These exploits were probably not used in this campaign as they are now well-known and monitored attack vectors".

The strain, dubbed Bad Rabbit, masquerades as an Adobe Flash update. In the United Kingdom, it knocked some of the National Health Service (NHS) computer networks offline, resulting in operational delays and closures.

While this kind of outbreak may suggest attackers have exploited a security vulnerability, that is actually not true.

But there was little consensus from experts on the details.

For now, though, it appears that the United Kingdom is getting off lightly.

If you aren't affected yet, you must prevent the execution of files c:\windows\infpub.dat and c:\Windows\cscc.dat to stop the ransomware from entering your system.

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