Cuomo signs legislation adding e-cigarettes to Clean Indoor Air Act

E-cigarettes are devices that typically deliver nicotine flavorings and other additives to users via an inhaled aerosol

E-cigarettes are devices that typically deliver nicotine flavorings and other additives to users via an inhaled aerosol

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of NY on Monday signed a bill to prohibit vaping anywhere traditional cigarettes are already banned, such as workplaces and restaurants.

While the use of e-cigarettes and vapes in public locations has been seen by many as a more acceptable alternative to the smoking of actual cigarettes, New York State begs to differ.

In July, Cuomo signed a legislation that immediately banned the use of e-cigarettes on all public and private school grounds in the Empire state. According to the American Lung Association, almost three-quarters of New York's municipalities already have bans in effect.

It will soon be illegal to use electronic cigarettes, the popular vapor substitute to traditional tobacco cigarettes, in public indoor spaces in New York State.

Cuomo said that these products are merchandised as a wholesome option to cigarettes but the actuality is that they also fetch long-term hazards to the well being of users and the nonsmokers around them. While many counties have already banned the use of e-cigarettes in public places, including restaurants, bars and other work places, this bill makes the law consistent across the state.

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One of the big concerns is the popularity of e-cigarettes among young people. "These factors could lead to long-term adverse health effects for e-cigarette users and bystanders".

Defenders of e-cigarettes have argued that switching from regular cigarettes to electronic has helped people quit smoking altogether, though the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force concluded that evidence is insufficient to recommend e-cigarettes for smoking cessation in adults.

According to the release, "Some ingredients found in e-cigarettes are considered toxic and there is no regulation of what chemicals e-cigarettes contain".

NY now joins California, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Utah on the ban. He said that would be a way to crackdown on sales of e-cigarettes to youths.

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