NASA brings space horror to Halloween

NASA releases spooky “sounds” of “howling” space

Nasa has a Halloween special for you: Spooky sounds from space to 'make your skin crawl'

Each track has been created by converting the data from various space probes and instruments into audible sound waves.

The scientists at NASA want to get us all in the Halloween mood with a playlist of spooky sounds collected from the agency's interstellar missions.

The playlist includes radar echoes, plasma waves, and even dust smacking into a comet.

"In regions laced with magnetic fields, such as the space environment surrounding our planet, particles are continually tossed to and fro by the motion of various electromagnetic waves known as plasma waves", NASA explained earlier this year.

NASA revealed that the unusual space sounds were captured as radiowaves, which have now been converted into sound waves of "howling planets" and whispering noises from distant stars.

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The compilation includes the "Roar" of Jupiter captured by NASA's Juno spacecraft that has crossed the boundary of Jupiter's vast magnetic field. However, it sounds more like a creature rapping at the window sill or scurrying across a hard floor.

Now, these sounds are not actually captured using audio recorders, so we just have to make clear - if you were hanging out in Ganymede's orbit, this is not what you would hear.

Uploaded to a special Halloween playlist on Soundcloud, the clips have been generated from data picked up by spacecraft whizzing through the great expanse, such as Juno and the Van Allen Probes.

Saturn's Radio Emissions: Saturn is a source of intense radio emissions, which were monitored by the Cassini spacecraft. The sounds recorded are very similar to the radio emissions from Earth's auroras.

Sounds of a comet encounter are part of the compilation as well.

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