Channing Tatum's dad learned of his stripper past from 'Ellen'

Guest host Channing Tatum served as guest host on Wednesday on Jimmy Kimmel Live and made a dramatic dancing entrance

Guest host Channing Tatum served as guest host on Wednesday on Jimmy Kimmel Live and made a dramatic dancing entrance

It's that time of year again when Jimmy Kimmel asks his viewers to tell their kids they ate all of their Halloween candy, and Channing Tatum, P!nk and the late-night host himself all came out to play.

Moms and dads have been helping the Jimmy Kimmel Live host pull off this stunt for the past seven years, and this year, a few celebrity parents got in on the fun.

Channing Tatum's father only discovered his son's stripper past after he performed a lap dance during a TV interview in 2010. Since Kimmel took a break from his show this week, he made a decision to test the prank out on his kids.

Showing a home recording, Tatum informs his daughter that he ate all of her candy, only to have her pout and hide. Not being able to keep up with his antics for very long though, Tatum finally comes clean to his daughter, who promptly tells him that his trick was NOT very nice.

'But that's not amusing, ' she scolded him. Tatum said sheepishly, "You're right; that was not amusing". But when the guest host asked him if he's gonna answer the same thing if Lawrence asks him the same question, Guillermo says no.

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"I have to tell you something", Kimmel begins his clip.

"Daddy only at Skittles and M&Ms and Kit-Kats and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and gum and the eyeballs and the Twizzlers and the lollypops - that's all I ate", Kimmel tells his confused daughter.

"I don't believe you", she said as she threw the empty bag at her father.

"What?! Uh-oh. I still have one, don't worry", Jane said as she still found one piece of candy left. "Last night while you were sleeping, mommy and I ate all your Halloween candy".

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