Breakfast at Tiffany's is now a reality

When Does The Tiffany & Co. Cafe Open? The Blue Box Café Will Let You Literally Have Breakfast At Tiffany’sParamount

When Does The Tiffany & Co. Cafe Open? The Blue Box Café Will Let You Literally Have Breakfast At Tiffany’sParamount

So you can legit have breakfast at Tiffany's... But if she had only waited 56 years, she could've gone inside and ordered a cappuccino.

On Friday, Tiffany unveiled its new Blue Box Cafe, offering, yes, coffee and croissants, as well as lunch and tea service. Rashbaum first saw the film when he was 9 and has since dreamed of re-creating its classic breakfast scene. According to VF, the café will be situated on the fourth floor, allowing you unbelievable views of Central Park while you eat your croissants and sip on your Tiffany's coffee. It's "immersion in Tiffany-not only the feeling of being inside a Blue Box-but surrounded by Tiffany hospitality", Moore says.

Speaking of luxury, your morning joe at Tiffany's will cost you far more than Holly Golightly's street-cart fare.

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In the pictures, the Blue Box Cafe is in that signature powdery-turquoise colour, so diners can feel as though they are sitting in a plush jewelry box.

According to Food & Wine, we've got some incredible news for all those Breakfast at Tiffany's fans out there. It includes options like truffled eggs, smoked salmon bagel, and, for a throughly modern twist, avocado toast. Lunch comes at a flat price of $39, which includes a starter and main course- serving up dishes like a ME lobster salad or chicken club sandwich.

Open Monday through Saturday, 10 5:30 p.m., and Sunday, noon to 4:30 p.m.

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