Apple iPhone X FaceID crack attempts; do they work?

Apple CEO Tim Cook holds an iPad during a presentation at Apple headquarters in Cupertino California

Apple CEO Tim Cook holds an iPad during a presentation at Apple headquarters in Cupertino California

Bkav says the mask is made using a combination of 3D printing, plastic, silicon, makeup, and paper cutouts. The parts such as eyes are 2D images. Fooling the iPhone X Face ID even with Bkav's method would require a lot of research and preparation. And Bkav's claims do help to highlight one important security concern: The iPhone X only has one biometric modality for authentication.

Although Apple says Face ID is more secure than Touch ID, this raises questions about the possibility of false positives not only happening with twins and siblings around the same age, but with people of different sexes and significantly different ages.

When Apple launched iPhone X back in September, the company waxed lyrical on its new Face ID technology, a path-breaking facial recognition feature that used specialised hardware and a flood illuminator to create 30,000 invisible dots to map a person's face.

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Apple did not comment, but directed journalists to a page on its website detailing how Face ID works. Instead, they focused only on specific spots of the mask to trick the depth-mapping technology.

What also might be happening is that Face ID on the iPhone has trained itself to the son accidentally during the repeated testing when making the video. "This seems like an unlikely sequence of events". "Country leaders, leaders of major corporations.are the ones that need to know about the issue, because their devices are worth illegal unlock attempts". Exploitation is hard for normal users, but simple for professional ones, ' they added. Apple's facial recognition begins with the opening assumption that the user gazing at the screen is likely to be the correct user. A stylus called the "Apple Pencil" was also reported to be in progress and is expected to launch along with the new tablet.

Conversely, if Face ID fails to recognize you, but the match quality is higher than a certain threshold and you immediately follow the failure by entering your passcode, Face ID takes another capture and augments its enrolled Face ID data with the newly calculated mathematical representation.

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