Google Maps Improves Location Discovery by Color Coding Points of Interest

Google Maps redesigned to highlight more relevant information to users

Google Maps Improves Location Discovery by Color Coding Points of Interest

Google Maps has updated driving, navigation, transit and explore maps to highlight the information will be more relevant to the users.

The tech titan is updating the Maps color scheme and adding new icons so you can more easily suss out points of interest.

In other words, it will be less cluttery on map and it'll be easier for you to find where you want to go. For instance, when in Transit mode, as determined by the bottom bar, train stations and bus stops will be more prominent.

The new Google Maps design with colour-coded icons and symbols. The colour scheme of the navigation platform has been updated too and Google has provided a list of images with icons and colour combinations to make users familiar with the new changes.

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Google mentioned in its blog post that it has designated a colour for each type of destination or point in a Google Maps.

For example, if you're in a new neighborhood and searching for a coffee shop, you could open the map to find the nearest orange icon. Moreover, there is a green icon for health and blue for shopping.

"Over time, the new style will also appear in the apps, websites, and experiences offered by companies that use Google Maps APIs".

"You'll see these changes over the next few weeks in all Google products that incorporate Google Maps", said Google, "including the Assistant, Search, Earth, and Android Auto".

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