Google Launches Datally a data-monitoring app [Download]

Google's new Datally app for Android will help you manage your mobile data

Google's mobile data-saving app has moved out of beta and renamed to Datally

It's another example of Google building data-saving tools, particularly for users in emerging markets where the cost of mobile data can take up a larger share of the average income. If you want to block every single app from consuming background data you just need to tap on Manage Data tab where you will see the option "Apps with no data usage".

Those who are whining about how their mobile data vanishes in a snap then you can finally stop as Google on Wednesday unveiled another app for Android users which will save your mobile data. What's also curious is that, at one level, the app says that "Don't worry, we don't inspect your app traffic', and at another, it's meant to track app traffic, and needs a VPN to route usage through". While unlimited data is making a comeback in the USA, there are still a lot of people on tiered data plans, and many other people around the world have even more limited data plans.

It tracks real-time mobile data usage for individual apps, as well as overall usage through hourly, daily, weekly and monthly stats.

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The app is now globally available in the Google Play Store. Sure in India you might be enjoying Jio's 1GB per day data plan and competing mobile operators' similar offerings but chances are this honeymoon period of affordable data won't last for long and soon enough you will go back to paying regular charges. It additionally gives a catalog of adjacent Wi-Fi systems that incorporates client editorial on their quality. It will also enable proactive data usage warnings and controls. You can add apps to this list as per your preference. So, the next time you open the app, all the notifications will already be sitting there, and no fresh data will be consumed.

Datally also has one other trick. The app is compatible with devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop and above. We've been testing Datally in the Philippines for the past few months, and people are saving up to 30 percent on their data.

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