NCRB Data Shows Uttar Pradesh, Haryana And Maharashtra Have Highest Crime Rates

City tops in crimes against sr citizens, 2nd against women

Maharashtra has max assault on women

At the other end of the crime spectrum, cybercrimes increased marginally by 6.3% in 2016, as opposed to 2015.

The State accounted for 4,882 rape cases out of 38,947 cases recorded across the country in 2016, as per the National Crime Record Bureau's report, released on Thursday.

Delhi topped the crime list among metropolitan cities, accounting for 38.8% of total crimes reported under the Indian Penal Code, followed by Bengaluru (8.9%) and Mumbai (7.7%). While Maharashtra ranks fifth in the total number of cases filed, in terms of crime registered per lakh of the population, it holds the eighth rank among 29 states and seven union territories in the country. Overall, it shows an increase of 2.6% in cognizable crime as compared to 2015, from 47,10,676 registered offences to 48,31,515 in 2016. This number is a 12 per cent decrease from 2015 when a total of 66,676 cases were registered.

Mumbai ranked second among metropolitan cities in cases of assault on women with intent to outrage her modesty. However, in terms of crime rate, Mumbai comes way down the order at rank 15.

However, several heinous crimes including crimes against women like rape, sexual assault and molestation, have shown an upward swing. In 2015 too Madhya Pradesh had recorded the highest number of rape cases (4,391) in the country. SLL Crimes have increased by 5.4 per cent (from 17,61,276 in 2015 to 18,55,804 in 2016). It accounted for 40% of rape cases committed in the metros.

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The data however revealed that cases of rioting has gone down by 5% in the last one year.

As of previous year, there are 94,919 people in Maharashtra declared as missing, again the highest number in the country. Andhra Pradesh with 2335 cases topped the list with Karnataka recording the second highest number of cases with 1869. Additionally, there were 7,956 cases of kidnapping in the state a year ago, behind only Delhi. The city also recorded ten instances of atrocities against scheduled tribe people which was the same number as Ahmedabad, while only Hyderabad (21) and Jaipur (88) recorded higher numbers of incidences of crime against scheduled tribe people.

While Uttar Pradesh reported 4,889 murder cases, the national capital reported almost 40 percent of rape cases.

In all, courts in the state convicted 92,688 people a year ago and 1.8 lakh individuals. A total of 2.23 lakh criminal offences were registered with the railway police a year ago, up from 1.96 lakh in 2015. The number of convicts was 794,616, while 1148,824 people were absolved of their charge.

According to the reports by the NCRB, almost one in every five crimes registered by the Railway Protection Force occurs in Maharashtra (20.9%).

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