Saying good riddance to a very active 2017 Atlantic hurricane season

2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season Wraps Today

2017 hurricane season officially ends Thursday

Officially, the Atlantic hurricane season ends November 30.

Harvey (August 25, in Texas) and Irma (September 10, in Florida) made landfall in the continental 2017 as major hurricanes; Maria was also classified as a major hurricane when it struck on September 20 in Puerto Rico, a US territory. The damage estimates ranging up to $300-$475 billion.

In all, 17 named storms swept across the Atlantic this year and 10 rose to hurricane status.

On this last day of the hurricane season, storm experts said the improvements likely saved lives.

For our viewing area, three named storms affected Louisiana and Southern Mississippi: Cindy, Harvey and Nate. Ten hurricanes swept through the Atlantic this year, leaving a trail of destruction in the US and the Caribbean. Hurricane Maria, a Category 4 hurricane, was the strongest storm to hit Puerto Rico in 85 years.

2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season Wraps Today
Hurricane Harvey Recovery: Strength and resilience after the storm

Atlantic tropical storm tracks in 2017. Nate caused an estimated $2.5 billion in damages. - Strongest storm to impact Leeward Islands in recorded history.

While this year's season was above average, it was not a record breaker. Puerto Rico was nearly destroyed by the impact of Hurricane Maria, adding an estimated $45-$95 billion in damage to the island's already struggling economy.

Lastly, Ophelia became a hurricane three days later on October 11th. The warm ocean waters kept Ophelia fueled as the hurricane traveled farther east than any major hurricane in the Atlantic to date. Few areas along the U.S. Gulf and Southeast coasts as well as the Caribbean were spared from at least indirect effects from the onslaught of storms. Tropical Storm Arlene developed in the Atlantic on April 20.

September marked the brunt of this punishing stretch, setting a monthly record for accumulated cyclone energy or ACE, a measure of storm power and longevity.

Hurricane Irma's eyewall slammed into the lower Florida Keys, lashing the island chain with fearsome wind gusts, the US National Hurricane Center said. Graphics by Jason Kwok and Sean O'Key.

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