Bridge Constructor Portal announcement trailer


Portal returns in Bridge Constructor spin-off

The standalone title will see players leveraging the portal technology from Portal's Aperture Laboratories to put a new spin on Bridge Constructor's main mechanic: building bridges to usher vehicles from point to point. The followup to Valve's smash hits seems to be a sort of bridge construction game, yet still includes the use of portals to navigate levels.

Valve may have an aversion to making games with the number 3 in them, but that doesn't mean franchises like Portal are dead. It received a more fleshed-out sequel in 2011's Portal 2, which received even more acclaim than the original. I honestly couldn't tell you. Not only that, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One will receive the game too.

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Throughout the process you're guided by an artificially intelligent supercomputer named GLaDOS, who quickly reveals herself to be equally sinister and witty. Console versions are just around the corner as well, with a planned launch in early 2018, Headup says. Additionally, GLaDOS singing Jonathan Coulton's "Still Alive" is. My absolute dream would be for Valve to acknowledge this game as canon in the Portal universe and slips in some additional tidbits on Aperture Science. Based on the teaser trailer, "she" will be in full effect in Bridge Constructor Portal.

Yes, this is what it looks like when I fan out over something.

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