Eating cheese daily may help you live longer

Eating cheese daily may cut risk of heart attack and stroke, new study suggests

Eating cheese daily may help you live longer

New research has found eating a little bit of cheese might help when it comes to the number one leading cause of death - heart disease, as well as the fifth leading cause of death, which is a stroke.

They found moderate cheese eaters, who consumed about 40 grams a day, were 14 percent less likely to develop heart disease and had 10 percent lower risk of stroke. 40 grams of cheese is a roughly the size of a matchbox and slightly more than an ounce serving.

Researchers from China and the Netherlands looked at information from 200,000 people, gathered in 15 observational studies.

"This is not the same as eating a big slice of cheesy pizza every day", Dr. Allen Stewart of Mount Sinai Medical Center's Ichan School of Medicine clarified.

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Cheese, like other dairy products, contains high levels of saturated fat-which has been linked to high cholesterol, atherosclerosis and an increased risk of heart disease. Now, a new saturated fat has fallen under the scrutiny of researchers: cheese. "[But the findings were] certainly different from what people might expect".

It's important to understand that the relationship between higher cheese consumption and lower risk of heart disease and stroke is U-shaped rather than linear. More isn't necessarily better, though.

So go ahead, unblock all those mouth-watering cheese porn accounts, and erase the guilt of that daily BEC. The statistics are compared to people who never or rarely ate cheese. But the benefits outweigh the bad when it comes to cheese. "There is some evidence that cheese - as a substitute for milk, for example - may actually have a protective effect on the heart".

"We're always are searching for ways to minimize heart disease and reduce atherosclerosis", he says.

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