YouTube's Cracking Down on 'Bad Actors' Exploiting Site

YouTube CEO promises more moderation to prevent 'bad actors' from 'exploiting our openness'

YouTube to beef up staff, algorithms policing content

"I've also seen up-close that there can be another, more troubling, side of YouTube's openness", Wojcicki wrote.

In a post to YouTube's creator blog, CEO Susan Wojcicki admitted that the company has a problem, and that it needed to be "more accurate" in regards to the content it financially endorses.

YouTube plans to hire more people to scour its website for violent videos after reports about disturbing footage on its app for children surfaced last month, prompting a slew of advertisers to abandon the site.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki says the video-sharing site will increase the number of employees reviewing content on the site to more than 10,000 in 2018.

YouTube addressed the issue this week, saying it has reviewed almost 2 million videos for violent, extreme content and removed more than 150,000 of those videos since June - largely with the help of its "machine-learning technology" that can identify problematic videos.

Wojicki says that YouTube has learned some valuable lessons from its efforts to stamp out extremist content. They contend that computers - learning from the example of humans - are the answer. The company says that 98 percent of the videos it removes are flagged by its algorithms and that 70 percent of violent extremist content is taken down within eight hours of being posted.

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Wojcicki says that over the a year ago, YouTube has invested in new systems that combat inappropriate videos, updated its policies on what content can appear on the platform and established new machine-learning technology that can enforce those policies. Since YouTube laid out new policies aimed at curbing extremist videos on the platform after the London Bridge attacks in June, the company said its machines have improved at catching extremist videos shortly after they were uploaded.

Creators are nonplussed with the announcement, though, criticising YouTube for taking too long to focus on a serious issue.

But many creators have not been thriving.

Finally, Google has seen big advertisers leave the platform twice this year, once following a Wall Street Journal report about marketing from major brands playing next to hate speech and extremism, and a second time after a report highlighted how ads were running beside videos that were rife with creepy comments from pedophiles.

When it comes to advertising, YouTube said it would take a "new approach". And reports from this summer indicated that nearly all the big brands that had spoken out have since returned.

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