Iraq declares final victory over Islamic State

Saudi Arabia hails Iraq victory over IS

Baghdad Military Parade Celebrates Victory Over Islamic State

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Saturday declared victory in a three-year war by Iraqi forces to expel the Islamic State jihadist group that at its height endangered Iraq's very existence.

"All Iraqi lands are liberated from terrorist Daesh gangs and our forces completely control the worldwide Iraqi-Syrian borders", Yarallah said in a statement, using the Arabic acronym for ISIL, also known as ISIS. "All Iraqi lands are liberated from terrorist Daesh [Isis] gangs and our forces completely control the worldwide Iraqi-Syrian border", Lt Gen Abdul-Amir Rasheed Yar Allah said.

Haider al-Abadi said Isil forces had been driven from their final pockets of control and that the Iraqi state was now fully in control of the country's border with Syria.

The jihadists' defeat is a massive turnaround for an organization that in 2014 ruled over seven million people in a territory as big as Italy encompassing large parts of Syria and almost a third of Iraq.

Iraq's prime minister formally declared victory over ISIS in his country on Saturday after three years of devastating conflict that killed tens of thousands of people and displaced over 4 million.

Mr. Zamili and other military officials cautioned that Iraq must devote significant intelligence resources to find and track down these extremists, and that continued military assistance from the American-led coalition was vital to this continuing mission.

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Theresa May, also congratulated her Iraqi counterpart, but warned that the extremist group was yet to be defeated.

The militants, he said, had turned themselves over to Iraqi joint forces deployed in the area.

"This signals a new chapter towards a more peaceful, prosperous country", the British prime minister said.

His followers imposed a reign of terror on the populations they controlled, alienating even many of those Sunni Muslims who had supported the group as allies against the heavy-handed rule of the Shi'ite majority-led government of the time.

"The UK. has played a leading role in supporting the Iraqi security forces, including the armed forces and the Peshmerga".

President Trump campaigned on defeating ISIS, and earlier this year, granted Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and US commanders in the field more authority to go after the terrorist group. Soon after Abadi's announcement, an Iraqi news agency reported that a group of suicide bombers had been found in a tunnel in the city of Hawija.

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