Xbox Party Chat App Coming Soon To iOS and Android Devices

Xbox party chat is coming to Android and iOS

Xbox Party Chat App Coming Soon To iOS and Android Devices

Now accessible on the Xbox Beta app and first spotted by Reddit users, the new feature makes it possible to use the Xbox mobile app to take part in party chats when you can't be at your console. This reminds us of using Discord mobile app on the go if you want to talk to your friends while gaming but don't want to use the console's chat system.

Today the company is making the Party Chat Beta available through its Xbox Beta app on Android and iOS devices. If you're on iOS, you can sign up to test party chat for iOS using this form.

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According to a blog post on the Mixer development blog, the Mixer app is officially available for both iOs and Android devices.

If you've ever wanted to stick around in a party chat with your friends while away from your console, this is sure to be good news. Some of the new features include push notifications to let users know when their favorite streams log on, new tabs for trending streams and greater control of things like video quality and chatting features. Notably, the development team notes that the beta process wasn't just a way for them to soft-launch; instead, they have used the feedback and comments from users to build the app "pixel-by-pixel" to give a better user experience, whether that means faster updates, personalization, and interactivity.

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