Fired engineer sues Google, alleging bias against conservatives and white men

James Damore a Google engineer who was fired Monday after posting a missive criticizing the company's diversity programs gave several interviews to right-wing media figures after his memo sparked controversy in Silicon Valley

Google Memo Author James Damore Sues Company For Discrimination Against White Males

The engineer who was sacked by Google after he criticized its diversity policies - he issued a memo saying women land fewer tech jobs than men because of biological differences - sued his ex-employer, alleging that he and others at the internet giant were harassed over their conservative political views.

Damore and Gudeman say in the suit they aim to represent all Google employees who have been discriminated against on the basis of their sex, race, or political views.

Google fired Damore in August after the engineer circulated his memo, addressing what he deemed to be an "ideological echo chamber" at the company. "Google furnishes a large number of internal mailing lists catering to employees with alternative lifestyles, including furries, polygamy, transgenderism, and plurality, for the objective of discussing sexual topics", the suit states.

Damore was sacked from Google, and while many people cheered this move, some conservative onlookers claimed the engineer actually had a legal case against the tech giant. She claimed Google has cultivated a "Lord of the Flies mentality", where "someone can be singled out and group shamed" for expressing views or identities that are deemed unpopular by management.

The lawsuit also alleges that Google employees were awarded bonuses for arguing against Damore's views.

Debate surrounding discrimination in the male-dominated tech world has raged for months, with women at numerous major Silicon Valley companies coming forward with stories of bias and sexual harassment.

In fact, in one segment of the lawsuit, the diversity summit breaks down how Google sought to hire more "diverse" individuals who weren't white or Asian...

His claims: that Google unfairly discriminates against white men whose political views are unpopular with its executives.

A bullet point he wrote claiming women on average tend to be more neurotic than men, with "higher anxiety, lower stress tolerance", caused particular unrest.

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Not only was Damore fired after his memo went public, but as he puts it, others who spoke out against him were rewarded.

Gudeman worked for Google for three years before being terminated over comments he made on an internal company chat board in which he questioned whether a Muslim coworker really had been targeted by the Feds for investigation.

Google said in a statement: "We look forward to defending against Mr Damore's lawsuit in court".

Damore was eventually fired, but he was never explicitly told what policy he violated.

The exhibits in Damore's suit include several emails sent to him by other Google employees.

Damore became an alt-right celebrity after his firing.

Damore's class action suit comes about four months after his firing.

All this means busy times ahead for Google's legal department, which is also fighting a resurgent discrimination lawsuit brought by ex-Googlers upset they were being stiffed on pay and promotions due to being women.

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