'All The Money in The World' Triggers Wage Gap Debate

SAG-AFTRA Looking Into 'All The Money In The World' Pay Disparity Claims

Michelle Williams was paid over thousand times lesser than Mark Wahlberg for “All the Money in the World”

She has been in the industry for 20 years. "I had to break the news to my family and tell them I wasn't going be home (for Thanksgiving) and make alternate arrangements for them", she told Vulture.

The report about the glaring pay disparity has gone viral on social media and invited criticism by many celebrities, such as Jessica Chastain, Mia Farrow and Judd Apatow.

There are two reasons main reasons, the first being that Wahlberg and Williams - who are both represented by the same agency, William Morris Endeavor - started out the project with unequal contracts.

Scott had previously told USA Today that the actors did the reshoots "for nothing" - meaning union minimums - and that he also did not get paid. The plot thickened yesterday when it was announced that SAG-AFTRA, the actors union, had opened an investigation into that gargantuan pay disparity.

USA Today reported Tuesday that Wahlberg was paid $1.5 million to reshoot his scenes, while Williams received a per diem of $80 per day, totaling less than $1,000. Britto said it was important to acknowledge that it wasn't clear whether Walhberg or his team negotiated the reshoot salary, and said he shouldn't be portrayed as the "poster child" for pay gaps between the genders.

Director Ridley Scott chose to cut Spacey from the completed Getty family kidnapping drama after he was accused of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behaviour, and he called on Christopher Plummer to step in and play billionaire J. Paul Getty. Of the $10 million that Imperative Entertainment kicked in to finance the reshoots, 15 percent went to Wahlberg.

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What's alarming and preposterous about this revelation is that Williams is a markedly more gifted and critically recognized film presence than Wahlberg, who hasn't even given a noteworthy acting performance in his career. It is possible that those representing Williams did not know about the deal that Wahlberg was able to secure.

Williams and Wahlberg re-shot scenes for "All the Money in the World" after Kevin Spacey was axed from the movie following allegations of sexual misconduct.

Plummer was brought in after Spacey was accused of sexual assault by multiple men, a decision that director Ridley Scott said was voted on unanimously by the entire cast and crew.

"They could have my salary, they could have my holiday, whatever they wanted", she said of the production team at the time. The problem is that she, her representatives and the producers of "All The Money In The World" all accepted that pulling off that ambitious goal required her to forfeit a salary.

Imperative Entertainment, the company that produced it, ultimately agreed to US$1.5 million.

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