CES 2018: vivo Showcases First Phone with In-screen Fingerprint Sensor

A new phone from Chinese maker Vivo has its fingerprint reader embedded in its screen using a technology from Synaptics

A new phone from Chinese maker Vivo has its fingerprint reader embedded in its screen using a technology from Synaptics

The handset has a fingerprint scanner under the display, so there is no need for a home button, this sis something both Apple and Samsung were rumored to be working on in the past but both companies have apparently decided on other options like the iPhone X with its facial recognition.

Even then, it was announced that the first smartphone with such a feature will be unveiled at CES 2018.

In-display fingerprint scanner was long awaited by smartphone fraternities since the advent of bezel-less displays.

Vivo In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology outperforms other authentication solutions available for full-screen smartphones in many aspects.

What's particularly impressive here is the fact that this isn't just a demonstration of the technology.

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Interested buyers can expect the fingerprint reader to be featured in Vivo's next phone, which will be announced early this year.

However, maybe you prefer fingerprint sensor over even a state-of-the-art face unlocking like Face ID, and you definitely want it in the front because you need to unlock the phone a billion times a day while it's laying on the desk, and you still want a huge display that takes up almost all the room from the front face of the phone.

From their explanation, "When your fingertip hits the target, the sensor array turns on the display to light your finger, and only your finger". The prototype of the Vivo's under-display fingerprint technology includes Synaptics in-display fingerprint reader.

What's it like to use?

While it travels on the surface, it creates a 3D map of the fingerprint under the display. It took us back to the first time we used a traditional fingerprint scanner on a smartphone, and we are just as impressed this time around. The company is most likely powering some of the devices you have, and it specialized in touch controllers, fingerprint sensors, integrated touch and displays, digital headset SoCs, Multimedia and Video Processing and Imaging. You have to hold your finger on the screen for a brief moment, allowing the OLED panel to illuminate your finger and authenticate your digit. The fingerprint reader itself is about the size of a small coin and works by scanning your finger through the tiny gaps found along the phone's pixels.

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