Qatari royal claims he is being 'held against his will' in UAE

An alert that warned of an incoming ballistic missile to Hawaii sent residents into a panic

An alert that warned of an incoming ballistic missile to Hawaii sent residents into a panic

Earlier, UAE's General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) had reported that a national carrier aircraft was intercepted by Qatari fighter jets during a routine trip to Manama.

"The flight was a routine scheduled flight, and its route is well known and complies with worldwide norms concerning approvals and permits", according to the statement released by GCAA.

The UAE condemned the Qatari action as "a serious and renewed breach of global conventions and the safety of civil aircraft traffic".

The UAE denied that Thani was being detained, calling him a "guest" who had "unrestrained mobility", according to a Foreign Ministry statement.

The video of Sheikh Abdullah bin Ali Al Thani recalled the weird, now-reversed resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri while on a trip to Saudi Arabia, a November 4 decision that was widely seen as orchestrated by Riyadh.

Notably, the UAE is a member of a Saudi-led bloc of Arab states that collectively severed ties with Qatar past year for allegedly supporting terrorist groups in the region.

It later said a second flight to Bahrain was similarly intercepted. He said Bahraini radar, as well as crew and passengers on board, saw the military aircraft, "which constituted a clear and explicit threat to the lives of innocent civilians".

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Qatar denied as "completely untrue" the initial interception report, but did not immediately comment on the second.

The GCAA regarded this incident as "a renewed breach of global laws and conventions, and a flagrant and serious threat to the safety of civil aviation", a statement was quoted a saying by the official Wam news agency.

Qatar has denied the charges and accused the four countries of trying to make it conform to their foreign policy positions.

The ministry said the Qatari figure had come to Abu Dhabi at his own request as a guest after the Doha government placed restrictions on him.

"Sheikh Abdullah was received with generosity and he is free in his movements and expressed his desire to leave the country where all procedures were facilitated without any interference hindering this procedure", UAE's minister of foreign affairs and worldwide cooperation said in a statement, Arab News reports.

Al Suwaidi said that the Qatari side had neither shown prior objection to the use of the aircraft's path nor issued a warning after the use of the path.

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