Queen recalls coronation in candid interview

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"It's the sort of, I suppose, the beginning of one's life really as a sovereign", the 91-year-old monarch said. Speaking about how they were chosen for the roles, one maid of honour Lady Anne Glenconner said: "We had to be the daughters of earls, marquesses, or dukes, and had to have sort of nice figures, and that sort of thing".

"I remember my father making me write down what I remembered about his coronation".

For one, the diamond-encrusted Imperial State Crown (which she wears to official events) is *extremely* weighty (about two and a half pounds to be exact!), and requires her to look straight ahead at all times.

"Fortunately, my father and I have the same shaped head", she added. "But once you've put it on it stays, I mean it just remains itself", The Queen said in the BBC documentary.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth has advised wearers of crowns not to look down in case they injure their necks, in a rare interview for a BBC documentary on her coronation in 1953.

Mr Bruce said it was "so lovely" because the Queen "had no idea" and he said telling her "seemed strangely odd".

'So there are some disadvantages to crowns, but otherwise they're quite important things'.

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The Coronation is part of the Royal Collection Season on BBC and will air this Sunday. Though it was known the jewels had been taken to the castle for safekeeping, details had not been widely discussed.

Asked if she was in the carriage for a long time, she replied dryly, "Halfway around London".

In addition, the queen was presented with the Imperial Crown, which she wore at a different point of the ceremony and has worn for most state openings of parliaments.

Alastair Bruce, an expert on the Crown Jewels, was the one to discover letters from the royal librarian, Sir Owen Morshead, to Queen Mary, George VI's mother, that show where the diamonds were hidden, according to the Times.

The documentary features footage of the Queen processing through the Abbey and highlights how her coronation dress was embroidered in silk with pearls, and gold and silver bullion thread.

Those who have already seen the show have remarked on the Queen's quick wit, responding to praise for the smooth-running of her day with a dry: "Well, they jolly well should have done after the number of rehearsals we had". The whereabouts of the precious stone were not even divulged to the Queen.

Windsor Castle is also where Elizabeth and her family were stashed during the war, which makes it interesting that she says she didn't know the jewels were also in the house.

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