Republicans Just Got a "Wake-Up Call" in Wisconsin

Ohio Governor John Kasich speaks to reporters after meeting with Donald Trump

Ohio Governor John Kasich speaks to reporters after meeting with Donald Trump

Patty Schachtner won the special election for Wisconsin's 10th Senate District. "He has referenced the 2002 midterms, when George W. Bush and Republicans fared better after the September 11 terrorist attacks, these people said".

Carolyn Fiddler, a national Democratic analyst who tracks legislative races across the country, pointed out that the pattern of Democratic wins in the states, which took shape after the Republican president's election, continues.

"He urged people on Twitter to "help us share the good news".

The former St. Croix County medical examiner defeated the Republican state Wisconsin's 10th Senate district, a district that voted heavily for both Republicans Donald Trump and Mitt Romney in the past two presidential elections. "Every seat is in play for Democrats in 2018".

Republicans, who run all three branches of state government, still hold an 18-14 majority in the Senate, with one vacancy.

Likewise, Democratic gubernatorial candidate and state Rep. Dana Wachs of Eau Claire said the results show that voters are ready for a change. A conservative group sponsoring Jarchow - the Koch brothers'-backed Americans for Prosperity - said in the run-up that "the eyes of the nation will be on western Wisconsin as voters go to the polls in the first special election of 2018". Schachtner's predecessor, Harsdorf, a Republican from River Falls, had held the seat since 2000. That's crucial, as numerous US senators they're defending this year represent more downscale, populist states like Missouri, West Virginia (and Wisconsin), and if they're going to win back the House they need to pick up at least some GOP-leaning seats in more rural areas.

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Walker argued both parties have worked together on legislation and says Wisconsinites should take a closer look at state efforts rather than what's happening in Washington. The governor, who is up for re-election to a third term this November, tweeted minutes after Schachtner's win.

Meanwhile, some democrats say it's a sign of the future.

Wisconsin Republicans suspected they would have trouble holding the seat, despite the 2016 success, given Trump's low approval ratings since taking office. Schachtner overwhelmingly won St. Croix, Pierce and Dunn counties, while Jarchow carried Polk and Burnett counties.

Adam Jarchow, R-Balsam Lake.

Walker told reporters Wednesday in Milwaukee that the Democratic win was a "wake-up call to distinguish between the inaction of Washington versus the positive action we are taking in Wisconsin".

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