Syria Kurdish party appeals to world against Turkish threats

Syria ‘ready to destroy’ Turkish warplanes attacking Afrin

A Turkish warplane gets ready to takeoff

He warned USA troops against coming between Turkish troops and the Kurdish forces in Syria that Ankara views as an extension of Turkey's own Kurdish insurgency. This will keep Syria divided forever, leaving the Kurds fully dependent on US aid in the wake of increased regional tensions, while the USA gets another foothold for its West Asian geopolitical manoeuvring. It said however that the alliance did not have a presence on the ground in Syria and that the matter was an issue for the USA -led anti-IS coalition, which includes dozens of countries.

The global coalition said that the goal of this force is to prevent the return of ISIS, but Erdogan threatened to "destroy this terrorist army in its infancy", fearing that it will become a permanent force stationed at the Turkish border.

Russia, the Syrian government's ally, may be key to what happens next.

"They will be providing border security through professionally securing checkpoints and conducting counter-IED operations", the coalition told Reuters, adding that coalition and SDF forces were still engaging remaining ISIS fighters in Deir al-Zor province.

Ankara has warned in recent days of an imminent military operation in Afrin, one of three autonomous cantons under the control of Kurdish forces and their allies. "Then, our role is to choke this army of terror before it is born", declared an angered President Erdogan, reported Kurdistan 24 on Monday.

Recounting what he said went wrong in Iraq, Tillerson said: "We can not allow history to repeat itself in Syria".

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News broke on Saturday that the U.S. was helping the SDF build a new "border security force". He said Turkish troops are already firing artillery at Afrin from the border.

The observation posts which the Turkish army says it has established are close to the dividing line between Arab rebel-held land and Kurdish-controlled Afrin. He said the US also would push for broader political changes in the Middle East country. A Turkish assault without its approval might prove hard and open a new front in a war that activists say has already cost more than 340,000 lives.

It said all weapons given to the YPG by the United States should be gathered up "without delay".

Russian Federation said Monday that the new force is a sign Washington "doesn't want to preserve the territorial integrity of Syria".

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani later told the visiting Syrian parliament speaker that the US plan is a "plot" against Syria's territorial integrity and security, according to comments posted on the president's website.

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