Fb Agrees to Widen Probe of Brexit Vote Pretend Information

Facebook is launching another probe to see if Russia pushed Brexit propaganda

Facebook expands probe into whether Russia interfered in EU referendum

The select committee responsible for overseeing the investigation was concerned that the same "troll" accounts set up to target the USA election were also aimed at the United Kingdom and spread fake news that may have had an influence on the outcome of the vote on the UK's deal for its departure from the European Union, or Brexit.

Mr. Collins said he believes there is a growing body of evidence that Russian Federation interfered in the referendum.

"We are committed to give all reasonable efforts to establish whether there has been a coordinated activity similar to that we have established in the USA and will let you know as soon as work is done", said the Facebook Policy Director, Simon Milner, in message to the expert group at the British House of Commons investigating the use of social media in spreading false information before the referendum.

Facebook's new search in Britain will require the company's security experts to go back and analyze historical data.

A study by the Oxford Internet Institute concluded there was scarce evidence that the Kremlin had exploited the social media platforms to influence the British vote.

"They are in the best position to investigate the activities of their platforms", he said.

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The U.K. government has said it has found no evidence that Russian Federation successfully interfered in its democratic processes, including the Brexit vote, and Russian Federation denies any allegations. He had ordered the company to investigate the matter more thoroughly.

Last year Facebook reported finding just three Russian bought "immigration" ads relating to the Brexit vote - with a spend of less than $1.

Facebook said on Wednesday that it will broaden its investigation into whether Russian Federation meddled in the 2016 referendum on Great Britain's membership in the European Union, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Collins added in his statement: "I look forward to seeing the results of this investigation, and I'm sure we will want to question Facebook about this when we know the outcome".

In the May 2017 French Presidential elections, Facebook suspended 30,000 accounts linked to fake news, disinformation, and spam prior to the elections.

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