Parents accused of holding their 13 children captive appear in court

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GETTYDavid Turpin and Louise Turpin were both arrested last weekend

"They immediately shut down".

"We have a big push and responsibility to our children to see if there are any kinship caregivers. that would be a viable option", she said.

Earlier this week, Elizabeth revealed how she had no idea her nieces and nephews were being abused because the Turpins cut themselves off from the rest of her family and did not allow them to contact the kids.

"One of the things that happens with really prolonged abuse like this is the instincts about self-protection and the desire to protect oneself are totally disrupted - but she has it".

They were allegedly punished when they washed their hands above their wrists, and beaten regularly, according to the prosecutor. Their parents would also buy them new toys but never let them take the toys out of the box.

Patricia Costales, chief executive of The Guidance Centre, a California-based nonprofit that provides children with mental health therapy, said of the younger children: "Their brains are still adapting, they're still forming, they're still developing their understanding of the world".

While the children were deprived of food, the Turpin parents ate well and even tormented the children by putting apple and pumpkin pies on the kitchen counter, but not letting them have any, Hestrin said.

"Circumstantial evidence in the house suggests that the victims were often not released from their chains to go to the bathroom", the official said.

The Turpins made headlines after their 17-year-old daughter escaped from the house and alerted police to the plight of her siblings. "One of them turned back because she was afraid". The children were reared on the graveyard shift, with the family staying up all night and going to bed shortly before dawn, Riverside County District Attorney Mike Hestrin said. When officials rescued the kids, all but the baby showed severe signs of malnutrition, including stunted growth. A 12-year-old victim was the weight of a typical 7-year-old, Hestrin said.

When authorities went to the house, the mother appeared "perplexed" on why they were there, according to Fellows. A woman who used to be their neighbor recognized the family name instantly after hearing news of the couple's arrest.

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"We're trying to pull together to show we stand behind the children", she said.

David and Louise Turpin have been charged with multiple counts of torture, child abuse, dependent adult abuse and false imprisonment.

Cadaver dogs could be sent into David and Louise Turpin's house of horror over fears that the couple had other children who didn't survive. The parents were jailed on $12 million bail each after pleading not guilty Thursday at their first court appearance. They spent much of their time shackled to furniture and adopted a somewhat nocturnal schedule.

If David and Louise Turpin are convicted on all charges, they could spend the rest of their lives in prison.

"Allowing them to have access to relatives is also very important", she told Inside Edition.

As the criminal case proceeds, the future of the children will likely be decided in another courtroom. Meantime, Child Protective Services has been receiving calls from people around the world who want to help the victims financially.

Asked on GMA what she wants to say to her sister, Flores says, "I want her to know that she's still my blood and I love her". Foster care parents could end up being the adoptive parents.

PURPER: The siblings are recovering in local hospitals, and the parents have pled not guilty to all charges.

"I called the place the compound", Shelly Vinyard, a former neighbor said.

"We can assume that there could be depression and nightmares", Ochberg said.

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