The Cloverfield Paradox, Netflix's Surprise Sci-Fi Movie, Is... Well, It's Something

The Cloverfield Paradox Super Bowl Spot Arrives Film Streaming Tonight

Is Netflix Planning the Ultimate Super Bowl Surprise with "Cloverfield" Sequel?

The Cloverfield Paradox enjoyed one of the most inventive rollouts a movie could have, with Netflix announcing during the Super Bowl that the J.J. Abrams-produced project would be available for streaming after the game.

The film is directed by Julius Onah (The Girl is in Trouble) from a script by Oren Uziel (22 Jump Street, Shimmer Lake) and Doug Jung (Star Trek Beyond).

"Cloverfield" (2008) and "10 Cloverfield Lane" (2016) told two indirectly linked stories of a world besieged by giant beasts of unknown origin. Paradox similarly taps a familiar sci-fi trope, in this case the Alien-esque thriller in which an unshaven crew is trapped in a dimply lit space-ship and unpleasant hi-jinks ensue. And then 10 Cloverfield Lane is just a thing that's happening after or during the events of Cloverfield. It's been known by another name, God Particle, for at least two years now.

But then Netflix expressed interest in global distribution, and it looks like Paramount made a decision to let Netflix acquire the movie completely rather than releasing it in theaters. Then, when Netflix got involved and took the film off Paramount's hands, audience excitement rose exponentially, as Netflix had done something that was considered unthinkable: release a movie the same day as the trailer.

What are other ways you think The Cloverfield Paradox connects to the other films?

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The production cost $40 million, almost twice what the original Cloverfield did. Watch the trailer above to gear up for the film to start streaming!

It stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Daniel Bruhl, Elizabeth Debicki, Chris O'Dowd, David Oyelowo and Ziyi Zhang.

The third Cloverfield movie will follow astronauts on a space station after a big science experiment apparently causes the Earth to disappear. With such a stellar cast, we expected big things from the film, but it just didn't do it for me and other Netflix fans.

Critics seem to agree that Cloverfield Paradox's weakest points are its characters and its story, with some calling it an very bad mess all around. This could mean that each Cloverfield film takes place in a parallel reality: Earth 1, Earth 2, Earth 3. There's nothing in this movie we haven't seen before, and if you're waiting for the twist, you'll be disappointed to learn this film is as predictable as it is original.

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