Iran accuses United States of 'shamelessly threatening' Russian Federation with nuclear weapons


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"Our strategy will ensure Russian Federation understands that any use of nuclear weapons, however limited, is unacceptable", the document states. The initial report said $1.2 trillion would be needed to upgrade and modernize America's nuclear arsenal.

"These policy changes seem preparatory to withdrawing from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty of 1987".

The new USA posture focuses heavily on what the administration sees as an overdue modernization of the nuclear arsenal. It notes that such agreements can foster cooperation and confidence among nuclear weapons states and reduce the risk of miscalculation that could lead to war, but it also accuses Russian Federation of undermining those aims by violating numerous treaties.

"On the contrary", Mattis said, the nuclear strategy reaffirms the role of nuclear weapons in national defence "while underscoring continued USA commitment to non-proliferation, to counter nuclear terrorism and to arms control".

It is essential to promote realistic nuclear disarmament through efforts to ease tensions among the United States, Russia and others, and through an improvement in the security environment.

Although there has been a significant decline in the stockpile of nuclear weapons across the world since the end of Cold War, there are growing fears that a new and reformed arms race might be in place.

The Trump nuclear doctrine breaks with Obama's in ending his push to reduce the role of nuclear weapons in USA defense policy. In a statement Monday, its Foreign Ministry called the review's assertions frightening, "utterly hypocritical" and unsafe.

China responded to this with a pledge that it will never be first to use nuclear weapons "under any circumstances".

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It took aim at the Pentagon's proposal to develop a nuclear cruise missile that could be launched from a ship or submarine.

Rick Wayman, Director of Programs at the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, stated: "The review does not contain a single reference to Article VI of the UN Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, which obligates the USA and the other nuclear-armed nations signatories to the treaty to negotiate in good faith for nuclear disarmament".

"That is a proposal that is very clearly created to look like an arms control proposal, but to guarantee that it won't be accepted", Acton said.

But instead of developing new weapons, Germany's top diplomat called for "existing arms control treaties to be upheld unconditionally". The deal is scheduled to expire in 2021.

The document itself has a focus on holding nuclear weapons to deter nuclear action from Russian Federation.

On February 3, Russia's Foreign Ministry characterized the Trump administration's policy statement as both "confrontational" and "anti-Russian".

The ministry took note of a State Department statement saying the US reached the treaty limits last August, but it suggested the USA may have cheated by "reconfiguring" some B-52 bomber aircraft and missile launchers aboard Ohio-class submarines to non-nuclear status.

In public appearances last fall, Burroughs said, the present and former commanders of Strategic Command stated that orders to use nuclear weapons in violation of the law of armed conflict would be refused. The U.S. says it has been in compliance with the limits since August and it expects the Russians to comply by the deadline.

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