How Much Would A Trump Military Parade Cost?

Kim Jong Un's sister arrives in South Korea

Kim Jong Un's sister arrives in South Korea

The US Defence Department has said it is exploring potential options for Donald Trump's proposed military parade, which a top Democrat called a "fantastic waste of money to amuse the President".

President Donald Trump has asked the Pentagon to plan a grand parade of the us armed forces in Washington this year to celebrate military strength, officials said Tuesday.

"I'll let military friends speak for themselves, hoping they don't just salute Trump, but when I served in the U.S. Army, the LAST thing we wanted to do was parade", tweeted John McLaughlin, who served in the Central Intelligence Agency under the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations.

The parade, one of a number of parades and celebratory events held in the wake of the war, was reportedly the largest victory celebration since the end of the Second World War.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was also non-committal in her response to questions about the report.

"Let's have a good Veterans Day parade, I'm all for Veterans Day", Sen.

Trump revisited the idea last September, telling French President Emmanuel Macron that he was inspired by a Bastille Day parade he attended while in France.

Zeldin, noting that Congress had yet to adopt a long-term budget to finance military spending, said "cost would be a factor" in supporting a large-scale military parade.

Taiwan demolishes quake-hit buildings as rescue efforts intensify
Taiwan demolishes quake-hit buildings as rescue efforts intensify

Trump wants an elaborate parade, with soldiers marching and tanks rolling, but no date has been selected. The parades were in celebration of the ending of the first Persian Gulf War.

Right now, rumor has it that the Pentagon is looking to conduct the USA military parade on Veterans Day. "The idea of showing muscle through a parade, I think, is counter to what we're about and would actually be a sign of weakness, not strength".

We may have a clown auto administration, but guess what, it is in charge of the most powerful military the world has ever known.

In January, last year, the newly appointed Trump administration was contemplating having a "Red Square/North Korea-style parade" for the inauguration, a source revealed to the Huffington Post.

"Surrounded by the military's highest-ranking officials, including Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., Trump's seemingly abstract desire for a parade was suddenly heard as a presidential directive, the officials said".

"'That's what everyone is hoping, '" the military official said.

Others support Trump's request, saying that a military parade is a great way to honor service men and women.

Then we will rebuild Pennsylvania Avenue, because Pennsylvania Avenue is not built to transport seven-ton tanks.

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