Man alleges his Apple AirPods earphone blew up

Enlarge Image Can they explode?                  Sarah Tew  CNET

Enlarge Image Can they explode? Sarah Tew CNET

He says he set them down on a piece of workout equipment to get help.

Jason Colon rolled the blackened Apple AirPod in his hand, still in disbelief that the wireless headphone had apparently blown apart moments after he removed it from his right ear.

The incident happened earlier this week when Jason Colon was working out at a local LA Fitness club in St. Petersburg, Fla.

Colon suspects a faulty battery is behind the incident - according to Apple, a failed electronic battery can lead to internal damage and overheating.

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Again, the price is steep enough to put some people off, but we would argue $159 (£159) is not entirely unreasonable for high quality wireless headphones - AirPods are roughly in line with their rivals.

"I don't know what would've happened to my ear". "And then I saw white smoke start billowing out", he said. Colon told the TV station that "It was already popped".

'I didn't see it happen, but I mean, it was already fried! However, this is still the first report of such an incident happening to a pair of AirPods and might only be a once-off incident. You can see flame damage. "My ear lobes could've been burnt", he said. A search of Apple's support forums turned up two reports of AirPods growing warm or hot after 30 minutes of use.

In 2016, Samsung recalled the Galaxy Note 7 after some phones caught fire because of a defect in the batteries. An Apple spokesperson told the station that the company is investigating the situation. When he got back, he found that the right AirPod was wrecked.

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