Desmond Tutu resigns as Oxfam ambassador over 'immorality' claims

Roland van Hauwermeiren was investigated for sexual misconduct in 2004 in Liberia

Roland van Hauwermeiren was investigated for sexual misconduct in 2004 in LiberiaNIC BOTHMA EPA

Nobel Peace Prize victor Desmond Tutu has said he will no longer be a global ambassador for Oxfam after allegations that senior staff members in crisis zones paid for sex among the desperate people the group was meant to serve.

The statement in full: "We have identified that Gurpreet Singh who was one of those dismissed by Oxfam as a result of the sexual misconduct case in Haiti in 2011, was subsequently hired by Oxfam as a consultant In Ethiopia from October - December 2011".

The spokeswoman said the decision was a "serious error and should never have happened".

Tutu's resignation came amid fresh turmoil at the charity, which admitted on Thursday that it had rehired one of the workers it had sacked in a sexual misconduct scandal in the aftermath of the Haitian natural disaster.

In a statement released on Thursday afternoon, the archbishop says he's deeply disappointed by allegations of immorality and possible criminality involving humanitarian workers linked to the charity.

"Parties every week? Chic villas?"

The 68-year-old aid worker resigned as Oxfam's Haiti country director before the end of an investigation into reports of his use of prostitutes.

He suggests charities should have a protocol with governments, whereby whenever there is an accusation of child sex against any of their staff, they report it immediately to the country of jurisdiction - the country of nationality of the person undertaking the crime, and the country of the crime itself. He denied giving the woman money but said the liaison "fuelled rumours" and had left his leadership and Oxfam "compromised".

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He indicated the revelations had taken a personal toll, telling the paper: "It is especially bad that my family no longer want to see me".

Earlier in the week, Oxfam's Deputy Chief Executive Penny Lawrence said that she was resigning amid the scandal.

The charity investigated sexual misconduct allegations in 2011.

A subsequent country director for Haiti, Damien Berrendorf, was sacked past year but had no connection to the previous case.

BRUSSELS, Feb 15 (Reuters) - The former Oxfam official at the heart of a sex abuse scandal said on Thursday he made mistakes when working in Haiti but denied paying for sex with prostitutes or abusing minors.

Jo Cox remembered by Oxfam at Glastonbury 2017.

Andrew MacLeod, a former aid worker and former chief of the United Nations' Emergency Coordination Centre, has been lobbying for the global aid sector to clean up its act.

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