Here's What Fortnite's Next Update Does On PC, PS4, And Xbox One

Image via Epic Games

Image via Epic Games

You can purchase the Fortnite Battle Pass within the game by navigating in Battle Royale and selecting the Battle Pass tab.

An even faster route is for sale in the form of Battle Bundle that consists of the Battle Pass package plus the first 25 reward tiers. In the latest season, Battle Pass can unlock 76 items across 30 tiers, including new items like "back bling" and sky trails.

After initially buying the pass players receive a number of items and can they then receive more rewards by progressing through the different tiers which is achieved by playing the game.

In addition to making Fortnite's next Battle Pass a free item, it also comes with 30 more tiers of loot.

Also, the company reminded that Season 3 will commence on February 20 or right after Season 2 and in which there will be seven challenges to unlock and loads of rewards to win. As Polygon highlights, you'll need to spend around $150 if you want everything without having to play at all.

V-Bucks are Epic's in-game currency for Fortnite, and cosmetic items do not affect gameplay.

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It's worth reiterating that everything in the Battle Pass is purely cosmetic and won't have any impact at all on your in-game performance (no pay-to-win here).

(Epic Games)When is the Fortnite season 3 start date?

Unlocking these perks takes serious time, but the inclusion of stackable, persistent Weekly Challenges further lightens the load. Well, because of all of these complaints, Epic Games, who is the developer of this game, have chose to try and make it up to fans by not only fixing some of the weapon issues but by also adding new weapons.

It's not been announced whether there will be any Fortnite server downtime on Thursday, but Epic Games tends to take Fortnite offline ahead of big updates.

What other Fortnite updates are coming up? "We've changed the building system to allow you to place structures right through large objects, meaning you can now build pretty much anywhere at anytime!" The main issues that have come with this new update include the lag and audio delay in which some gamers are saying that the game is actually unplayable.

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