World Health Organization issues warning about measles

HSE Measles clinic for city

Measles cases jump by 400% in Europe

The numbers were mind boggling after a record low of 5200 cases in 2016. The worst affected country was Romania, with 5,562 cases.

"These countries have experienced a range of challenges in recent years, such as declines in overall routine immunization coverage, consistently low coverage among some marginalized groups", World Health Organization added.

This post originally appeared on the blog of data firm Statista and is republished here with permission.

There was a meeting to talk about how to increase vaccination rate in Europe.

Dr Jakab insisted that the elimination of both measles and rubella "is a priority goal that all European countries have firmly committed to".

The measles vaccine was first introduced to combat the extremely contagious illness the 1950s, when about 500 Americans would die annually. "This short-term setback can not deter us from our commitment to be the generation that frees our children from these diseases once and for all".

Similarly, numerous larger outbreaks in Europe in 2017 were starting to decline by the end of the year, the World Health Organization reports.

The countries with the biggest outbreaks were Romania and Italy, each of which saw more than 5,000 cases, and Ukraine, with more than 4,700 cases.

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In response to the burgeoning outbreak in Italy a year ago, the country made vaccines mandatory for measles and a number of other diseases for schoolchildren.

Malta remained measles-free despite a Europe-wide surge of the disease a year ago, according to a surveillance report by the World Health Organisation.

Irish people are protected with two doses of the MMR (Measles-Mumps-Rubella) vaccine.

It is also not necessarily that obvious - measles can be transmitted by an infected person at any stage from four days prior to the onset of the rash, to four days after it appears.

After a 1998 paper further confirmed this finding, Wakefield said: "The risk of this particular syndrome [which he termed 'autistic enterocolitis"] developing is related to the combined vaccine, the MMR, rather than the single vaccines'. The plan is to eliminate measles and rubella by 2020.

For those who do contract the disease, its initial symptoms include a high fever, beginning about 10 to 12 days after exposure to the virus. In Italy, the outlet reports, vaccination rates had fallen to 85 percent in 2015.

People who remain unvaccinated contribute to measles rates not only by exposing themselves but also by exposing others. In Ireland, the first dose is given at 12 months by Global Positioning System and the second dose is given to Junior Infants in school by HSE vaccination teams or by Global Positioning System in Donegal, Sligo and Leitrim.

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