BlackBerry Believes 850000 Shipped Units Of KeyOne Was A Success

BlackBerry GHOST Leaks! And It Looks Pretty Awesome

BlackBerry Believes 850000 Shipped Units Of KeyOne Was A Success

This high-end phone will be made by Indian telecommunications giant Optiemus after it acquired the license previous year to develop and sell BlackBerry products in the country. Nicknamed "Ghost", the new device supposedly drops BlackBerry Mobile's signature keyboard in favour of a bezel-less design and plans to tackle the premium Android market. The smartphone is ruoured to be called the "Ghost". For now, we only have the image of the BlackBerry Ghost that points out that it could be a bezel-less and high-end smartphone. In 2017, the BlackBerry KeyOne was launched in India. It's not just considering actual sales as a success, but also "channel presence", meaning having the phone available in most direct sales channels. He further added that the smartphone will be made by Optiemus Infracom.

Meanwhile, other recent models of Blackberry are being made by different companies including some mega manufacturers like TCL and BB Merah Putih, soon after the company stopped designing and producing the phones, back in 2016.

The tweet mentioned that an Indian Telecom company Optiemus Infracom is involved in the making of this new Blackberry device.

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With BlackBerry, that could mean very differently to what's typically expected. Also, the phone, as per the leaked image doesn't follow the usual BlackBerry phone design. Last year, BlackBerry had featured a mid-range chip in KeyOne which offers Qualcomm Snapdragon 625.

Nothing else is known about the phone - nothing was said about specs or features, other than it would run Android. BlackBerry's new mission is to now inform people that they can have all their favorite apps on a BlackBerry phone.

TCL has promised at least two more BlackBerry phones for the remainder of 2018, so whatever happens, we'll be seeing more of this stalwart brand in the coming months.

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