Microsoft is ditching Windows 10 S for 'S Mode'

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MS Executive Confirms 'Mode' Rumor about Windows 10 S

Now, for the unusual part.

The Windows S mode will be an option inside of existing windows OS versions like Home and Pro and will provide the streamlined functions and faster boot times of the previous Windows 10 S operating system. That's as official a confirmation as you can get about Windows 10 S being discontinued as a standalone version of Windows.

It was an interesting idea, but industry watchers were skeptical from the start. Acer, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Samsung, and Toshiba all signed on to release lower-cost laptops powered by Windows 10 S and starting at just $189. Chrome OS and Chromebooks proved popular in the education market, both because of the comparatively low price and ease of use.

But it appears as though Windows 10 S hasn't been received as well as Microsoft had hoped.

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Yes, Microsoft will take this separate version of Windows, which shipped on the Surface Laptop and other machines, and turn it into a mode next year.

Belfiore didn't specify precisely how S Mode will function within the broader operating system when it arrives at some point next year, so we mostly have some leaked info from last month to go on here. They need to clarify every single angle to the customers regarding the move, like specifically which devices will have the default enabling of S Mode, and so on.

When Microsoft introduced Windows 10S past year, I was deeply concerned. This new version of Windows 10 is built upon the UWP which makes it "Microsoft's first truly modern Windows OS for the traditional PC form factor". READ NEXT:Apple could abandon iPhone X notch amid "sluggish demand" Microsoft planned to work on Windows 10 S consumer hardware with its partners but few devices have actually launched. Nevertheless, those who possess Windows 10 Pro in S Mode would have to pay 49 dollars in order to unlock the full version.

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