Bottled Water Contains Tiny Plastic Particles

Workers sort plastic bottles for sale at a plastic recycling factory in R10 Tondo Manila. ABS-CBN News file

Workers sort plastic bottles for sale at a plastic recycling factory in R10 Tondo Manila. ABS-CBN News file

But the bottled water study doesn't mean that people "should be freaking out", Mason said.

It said the industry "stood by the safety of our bottled water" and described the science of micro-plastics as "nascent and an emerging field requiring continued expert analysis, peer-reviewed research and collaboration across many stakeholders".

According to a new study, from the 250 bottles of major brands that have been tested, 93% contain plastic particles. Of the 259 bottles tested, only 17 were free of plastics, according to the study. Researchers found an average of 10.4 microplastic particles per litre of bottled water using spectroscopic analysis.

However, Katharina Elbracht, German dietitian and founder and clinical director of Beyond Nutrition in JLT, told Khaleej Times that the impact microplastics can have on the human body remain unclear.

However, the researchers are not yet sure about the extent and consequences of it on human health, the report said.

"We generally assume the water bottle holding that pure spring water, the microwave-safe plastic bowl we prepare our meals in, or the Styrofoam cup holding a hot drink is there protecting our food and drinks, Belcher said". "A few" of the bottles effectively contained no plastic, while others had thousands. They are also manufactured intentionally, as microbeads used in skin care products.

With varied sizes of microplastics, carbon block filters are able to remove the main part of the particles. However, smaller particle were even more common-they averaged 325 per liter.

Bottled water is not alone.

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Under a laminar airflow hood that sucks dust and airborne particles up and away, each bottle was infused with a dye called Nile Red that binds to plastic polymer.

"But we do need to start acting".

Bottled water was about 1000 times more expensive than tap water in the USA, and sold under the pretence of being purer and safer, he said. "Was it from factories, homes or companies?" The water was purchased in nine countries around the world. Gerolsteiner said that its tests also revealed that its products have a far lower amount of microplastics per liter than the findings of the study.

The Dubai Municipality implements safety measures and inspections on groceries, supermarkets and food entities. The spokesman said the World Health Organization will "review the very scarce available evidence with the objective of identifying evidence gaps, and establishing a research agenda to inform a more thorough risk assessment".

However, he confirmed that the UAE abides by the global standards set on water manufacturing companies worldwide to ensure product safety.

Ocean Analytics researcher Abigail Barrows, who conducted the research, said Evian, Boxed Water, Fiji, and Ozarka brands had the highest levels of plastic microfibres.

"Microplastics have been reported in tap water, beer and many other foods, but I think that people will be surprised that nearly all bottled water appears to be contaminated too".

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