Parkland survivor David Hogg's March For Our Lives speech

Emma Gonzales and Alex Wind

A gripping silence linked the Florida shooting to today's march in Washington

Eden addressed a crowd of about 700 people, from grandmothers to toddlers, who joined on Saturday morning with others across the country in the "March for Our Lives" demonstration sparked by students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla.

Pena, who is also the registrar at the school, said she walked on court to hold one player when she broke down in the middle of a recent match. "It's as simple as that". McCartney was seen wearing a shirt that read "We Can End Gun Violence". "And it doesn't seem like Congress wants to do anything". "So you don't have to fear getting shot in your own classroom", Fuentes said, before throwing up.

The march was organized by Westfield High School seniors Emily Bloomfield, Katie Clark, Linzy Rosen and Will Rackear.

When she heard a group of students were going to Washington, D.C., she took off work and jumped at the chance to go, Yaari said.

Speakers were introduced by Westfield High School students Brianna Brown, Ava Feldman and Julia Salvato. "I don't really know what to expect".

"A lot of people underestimate us and think we're not as powerful", Quijano said. "The people demand we prohibit the sale of high-capacity magazines".

Wernick said she feels safe in her school, but knows "anything could happen at anytime". The Rev. Charles Ryu of St. Paul's United Methodist Church in Middletown said planning for the march began three weeks earlier.

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Altogether, 50 students, family members and staff attended the tournament.

Still others said that backpack policy is an indication that school administrators, not students, are the ones eating Tide Pods. "You have to keep up the pressure and also keep things active at the local level with very specific goals, then you have to publicize all the wins, whether it's a key vote or successful efforts in a small town". Zoe Perles, 17, of Northport, who has participated in several marches in the nation's capital, including the Women's March, wore a pin that said: "Shut up and March". Discussions, if you can call them that, were at times tense, but one of the 2A supporters said he was in Washington for discourse. Marco Rubio, who has been at the center of the gun law controversy since day one. "They were really excited about the idea of political involvement, and I didn't want it to stop there because I felt so awesome after I participated in that. I wanted to do more". The Miami Open sold T-shirts to benefit survivors of the mass shooting in which 17 students and staff were killed on February 14.

With almost 40 people, including high schoolers and a few chaperones, they set off for Washington, D.C., Saturday.

"I'm taking a break from college right now", said Camilla Adamowicz of Mount Hope.

The Parkland activists haven't responded to Noir's comments directly, though they have gone on the offensive against people who've peddled conspiracy theories and otherwise tried to discredit them.

The boys and girls tennis teams at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School ended the March for Our Lives day of remembrance and activism by standing on stadium court before the night session at the Miami Open, as tournament organizers hosted them to show support.

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