Wife attacks husband after he forgot wedding anniversary, deputies say

Why is it necessary for women to cook the meal

Why is it necessary for women to cook the meal

In a mobile phone video, the woman is strung up in public and her husband lashes out at her until she collapses.

It is reported that the two argued for a while and at some point, Wanjiku told off the accused with telling her to learn how to make her man happy in bed and stop hunting for other women at night. Footage of the grim punishment was posted online and spread quickly, which then led to the arrest of the woman's husband, Shaudan, and his son, Shravansinh. Deputies say the video showed Stone striking her husband multiple times.

Screaming in pain, the woman was repeatedly whipped with a leather belt as punishment for adultery.

Her arrest report says she was charged with domestic battery, a misdemeanor charge.

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When she came to, they warned her against telling the police before they fled. Bulandshahr police superintendent Praveen Ranjan Singh confirmed that a case has been filed against 18 people, 12 of whom are still unidentified.

The abuse apparently started years ago when Mayer allowed different men into her mother's house, according to WTMJ.

Authorities say the individuals she was with at the time left without her and her family says they have not heard from her since. "In order to teach her a lesson the panchayat took this step".

The video, which contains violent content and may be disturbing for some viewers, is now available on YouTube.

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