Nvidia launches self-driving simulation system, Kubernetes support

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This way companies can test how their cars react to unsafe situations without endangered people or the product.

At the company's annual GTC Summit in San Jose, California, Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang announced a two-server solution that simulates data generated by a self-driving auto and trains a driving algorithm using that data.

But following a fatal accident last week in which an Uber self-driving auto struck and killed a pedestrian while in autonomous driving mode, Nvidia is suspending its testing.

"Autonomous vehicles need to be developed with a system that covers training to testing to driving", said Luca De Ambroggi, research and analyst director at IHS Markit. "It's a reminder of how hard SDC technology is and that it needs to be approached with extreme caution and the best safety technologies", a Nvidia spokesperson said in an email.

They also announced the NVIDIA DRIVE Pegasus AI vehicle computer to run the autonomous software stack and process the data from driving.

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"This tragedy is exactly why we've committed ourselves to perfecting this life-saving technology".

Nvidia had been testing driverless vehicle technology around the world in locations such as Santa Clara, Calif., where the company is headquartered, as well as in New Jersey, Japan and Germany.

"Ultimately AVs will be far safer than human drivers, so this important work needs to continue". Nvidia is working with 370 companies that are all developing autonomous vehicles in some way, including Uber. We are temporarily suspending the testing of our self-driving cars on public roads to learn from the Uber incident.

The simulation server is powered by NVIDIA GPUs, each generating a stream of simulated sensor data, which feed into the DRIVE Pegasus for processing. The second server contains the NVIDIA DRIVE Pegasus AI auto computer that runs the entire software stack in an autonomous driving vehicle. "See the latest breakthroughs in self-driving cars, smart cities, healthcare, big data, high performance computing, virtual reality and more", writes the firm.

"With virtual simulation, we can increase the robustness of our algorithms by testing on billions of miles of custom scenarios and rare corner cases, all in a fraction of the time and cost it would take to do so on physical roads", said Rob Csongor, vice president of automotive at Nvidia, in a statement. Earlier today, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey suspended Uber's ability to test and operate self-driving cars on public roads in the state.

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