Google Acquires Tenor, a Search Platform for GIFs


Mobile-First Indexing Out Of Testing, Hitting Select Sites

Google's reason behind the purchase - of which the sum remains undisclosed - seems entrenched in improving Google Images, especially as "mobile devices [have] changed the way people search".

Now, Google who have a single index that it uses to produce search results, would not be able to filter out mobile-optimised pages for a user viewing the results on a smartphone. This was because desktop sites sometimes include elements that are missing on their mobile versions-if a mobile user clicks on a Google result expecting to see something that then doesn't show up, it's frustrating.

"To recap, our crawling, indexing, and ranking systems have typically used the desktop version of a page's content, which may cause issues for mobile searchers when that version is vastly different from the mobile version", Google noted in the release.

PR and marketing pros also shouldn't worry if their organizations' websites aren't following mobile-first browsing best practices (at least, not yet). Sites that are not in this initial wave don't need to panic. We suppose in theory it could mean less loading times which could make it more mobile-friendly. One such measure is that slow-loading content will now be downranked.

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Companies in all industries should take this change seriously, as their ranking in the search engine could directly impact their business.

When we started Google Images, we focused on making it easy to find photos and images from across the web.

According to data provided by Google, mobile searches had begun overtaking desktop searches back in 2015 and has continued to be a growing trend ever since.

The news underscores the importance of visual shorthands like GIFs in communicating on mobile as well as Google's desire to not be shut out of an increasingly popular mobile marketing tactic. It should be a staple.

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