Missing Model Adea Shabani's Body Found in Shallow Grave in North California

Adea Shabani


A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department told reporters at a press conference on Tuesday, 'At this point in time, we believe that those remains are the body of Miss.

Shabani, who would have turned 26 earlier this month, graduated from high school in Skopje, Macedonia, and attended college in Paris, according to her Facebook profile.

On Monday, police combing the banks of a creek found the shallow grave.

Human remains recovered by authorities in California this week were confirmed on Wednesday to be those of missing model-actress Adea Shabani.

Shabani was reported missing February 23 and was last spotted on a security camera at around 1.15 pm as she left her Hollywood residence with her alleged boyfriend Chris Spotz.

Adea Shabani was last seen the morning of February 23 near the 1700 block of Wilcox Avenue, just blocks from the famous TCL Chinese Theater in the middle of Hollywood, the Los Angeles Police Department said.

"We can not say that conclusively at this point in time because the condition of the remains prohibited positive identification", he continued, adding that they believed Shabani's boyfriend, Christopher Spotz, was "somehow involved in her death".

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Hayes said the investigators doubt whatever Spotz claimed about the disappearance.

A man believed to be involved in the 25-year-old's disappearance killed himself during a police pursuit. Police had been looking for him so they could examine his vehicle for possible clues.

Last week, Shabani's alleged boyfriend, Christopher Spotz, shot and killed himself after leading police on a stolen auto chase. Spotz fled, prompting a chase that stretched from Hesperia to Corona, where authorities say Spotz fatally shot himself along the 91 Freeway.

Law enforcement officials allege that Spotz was in a relationship with Shabani. The case has been deemed a homicide, but the cause of death will not be determined until toxicology and tissue analysis are completed, authorities said.

Hayes said Tuesday investigators believe Shabani's death was a homicide and that Spotz was involved.

Hayes said a lawyer for Spotz previously told investigators that the pair got into an argument on the same day while driving through Santa Clarita, reported NY Daily News. As part of the investigation, detectives could not corroborate details of Spotz's account and continued to look into his story.

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