Arizona Halts Uber's Autonomous Testing

Taxi drivers protested against Uber already in 2015

Taxi drivers protested against Uber already in 2015

A Glendale lawyer said today that Uber has "resolved" matters with the family of Elaine Herzberg, the woman killed on March 18 by an Uber self-driving vehicle.

Uber is still allowed to operate in Pennsylvania, the state said in a statement that they will "ensure any restart of testing is done with safety as the top priority". Uber's permit will expire Saturday, the letter said.

The fact that some experts have come out and stated that Uber's autonomous vehicle should've have been able to avoid the incident doesn't bode well for the company's tech, either.

The programme was launched by the Departments of SC, ST, Backward Classes and Minorities Welfare to enhance livelihood opportunities in the driving profession, a press release from Uber said.

The Uber crash is being investigated by Tempe police, as well as the National Transportation Safety Board and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Jim McPherson, a Benicia attorney and founder of SafeSelfDrive, an industry consultancy, pointed out that the federal investigation could easily take a year.

At the same time, the CEO of Intel Corp's Mobileye, which makes chips and sensors used in collision avoidance systems and is a supplier to Aptiv, called for a concerted effort to validate the safety of autonomous vehicles, reports Reuters.

The settlement includes regular reporting of demographic data to Uber's workforce and to the court, as well as developing a validated promotion assessment process.

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The New York Times reported Friday that Uber's cars were struggling to meet the company's target of one operator intervention per 13 miles in Arizona.

Monday's action is a sharp reversal of his open-door policy of actively urging Uber and other companies to test their driverless technology on Arizona roads.

Arizona does not require such reports to be filed with the state for testing here.

Ducey reacted to the news on Twitter with the message: "This is what OVER-regulation looks like!" The so-called self-driving vehicle didn't even slow down.

Uber declined to comment on Ron's departure, but did say it always remains fully "invested in and excited about the future of Uber Freight".

The email exchanges fill in the gaps between what Ducey was saying publicly since taking office in early 2015 and what was happening behind the scenes as his administration helped Uber set up shop in the state and then launch its driverless vehicle testing program.

The recent accident of Uber's self-driving vehicle during testing in Arizona has caused an uproar across the world.

Uber has been testing autonomous cars in San Francisco - with permits - for a year.

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