Facebook enables update to make data settings, tools 'easier to find'

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CEO Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly going to testify before US lawmakers, although he has so far declined to do the same their British counterparts.

Analysts said the privacy revamp looked more like tweaks than big changes, making data management more transparent rather than changing the way the company does business.

The social networking giant takes this action after a consumer and regulatory backlash over the misuse of personal information of as many as 50 million Facebook users by data analysis and political ad firm Cambridge Analytica, which said it helped Donald Trump get elected. Instead of having settings spread across nearly 20 different screens as it did before they're now accessible from a single place.

The first change introduced by Facebook is the simplification of the company's existing tools for users.

The platform has added a "privacy shortcuts" menu, which allows users to access their personal data and even delete it if they so choose, as well as fine-tuning the advertising they encounter.

Facebook's new hardware products, connected speakers with digital-assistant and video-chat capabilities, are undergoing a deeper review to ensure that they make the right trade-offs regarding user data, according to people familiar with the matter. "People should know who is buying the ads that they see on Facebook". The Facebook data leak has also triggered an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission, which is now looking into the company's privacy practices.

Facebook will also add a feature called "Access Your Information" so users can see what they've posted and reacted to, as well as things they've searched for.

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"No of course not", he said when asked if Facebook would ever sell user data. The news has pushed many Facebook users to delete their accounts in protest.

"It's also our responsibility to tell you how we collect and use your data in language that's detailed, but also easy to understand", Egan and Beringer wrote. Data can include photos, contacts, timeline posts, and more.

"We're taking additional steps in the coming weeks to put people more in control of their privacy", they confirmed.

However, only a few months later Zuckerberg said in an interview with TechCrunch that had he been creating Facebook then, he would automatically make all users information public.

The new controls also better spell out what data the company collects and how it's used.

From the new centralized page, people will be able to opt out of sharing certain traits - for example, they can indicate that they no longer want to be identified as someone who loves cats.

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