John Krasinski, Emily Blunt Gush About Working Together in 'A Quiet Place'

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As it turns out, the British population isn't as impressed with John Krasinski as they are with his wife, Emily Blunt.

Krasinski's real life wife is actress Emily Blunt with whom he has two young daughters.

The film Krasinski eventually agreed to direct and star in with his wife, Emily Blunt, holds a 100 percent positive rating on the review aggregator after its showing last month at South by Southwest and premiering Monday in Los Angeles. "Within a day or two watching these performances and watching my wife was incredible, but watching those fantastic kids and they're giving these looks which were so visceral so emotional, I said this might actually work".

"It was going great, the customs, the whole experience".

"Yes, that's exactly why I signed on to the movie", said Krasinski to CBS4's Lisa Petrillo.

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Furthermore, he described what happened when the customs agent started quizzing him about his occupation.

"He said, 'It says here that you're an actor".

"I hit this guy who's about my age", Krasinski began, "and he looked like he was ready to get a little surly with me, and he said, 'It says here that you're an actor". After Meyers pressed for more details, Blunt quipped, "Am I speaking to Us Weekly?". After an agent asked him about his career as an actor, Krasinski said he used to star on The Office. "I've always known she's pretty incredible, but I think, it was actually [film director] Rob Marshall...that said not until you're in the room and she does what she does will you know why she's such an wonderful actress and I just thought that's such a brilliant way to put it because that's exactly what I learned", John raved of his wife.

Considering Hollywood marriages seem to end about as fast as they begin (and the divorce rate for us regular folk ain't looking too good, either), it is quite a feat to see a talented and successful couple like Krasinski and Blunt going strong after almost a decade - and look pretty happy while they're at it.

Meanwhile over at Late Night with Seth Meyers, Blunt took a break from discussing the film, to reflect on how she and Krasinski first met, which she claims is a "lame story". That's it. And then I know other people, who wake up Monday and say, 'Today is going to be the best day I have ever had in my life.' And I think that is the two ways [Lee and Evelyn] were parenting.

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