Mexico Senate rebukes Trump over border deployment plans

Mexico, Not Trump, Stopped Caravan of Immigrants Heading to the US

Trump credits Mexico for reportedly breaking up migrant caravan

Central American migrants are going to Mexico City to give because of the Virgin Guadalupe, the last stop for a lot to a caravan that attracted criticism from President Donald Trump.

The agents chose to issue most of the travelers "exit visas", which the Mexican government has previously granted Central American caravans and other travelers seeking to reach the U.S.

The Mexican government has denied that it is allowing the migrants to travel unimpeded across its territory.

The caravan, which set off from Mexico's southern border on March 25, aims to raise awareness about the plight of migrants, and has been running annually since 2010, the government said.

The resolution was passed in a unanimous fashion and sent to the White House, Members of the U.S. Congress, and Mexico's Foreign Relations Officer, El Universal reported.

He plans on getting permission from the Mexican government to travel freely through the country and ask for asylum near the U.S. border.

Mexico, Not Trump, Stopped Caravan of Immigrants Heading to the US
The wild world of Mexico City's agave hotspots

"The president was clear that this caravan needed to be stopped before it arrived at our southern border, and his efforts now appear to be successful", Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement released by the Justice Department.

This particular Via Cruz, organized by Pueblo Sin Fronteras (The People Without Borders), is now in its eighth year of the annual caravan and is made up of mostly Central Americans.

But, Trump's claim that the caravan is breaking up as a result of any sort of actions by the Mexican government suggests that he doesn't understand what the caravan actually is - and what they hope to accomplish.

"Not sure why the media is acting like this isn't a well-established fact - women and young girls are brutally victimized on the journey north, strikes me as quite freaky that reporters would try to cover up the gross atrocities perpetrated by smugglers and coyotes", White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement after Trump's comments. He said "the best thing we have won" from the spotlight Trump has turned on this particular group is a high-level meeting with Mexican immigration authorities to talk about long-term reform.

Organizers say that migrants can now take buses on their own to Puebla, a city south of the capital, where a workshop on immigration law is planned for Friday.

However, female migrants argue with Trump's claims saying they chose to travel with the caravan for protection. Mujica said that "a minimum of 80 percent" of the migrants in the group come from Honduras. The cultural diversity is a reminder of why people moved here in the first place. "You can very easily run into immigration and they'll ask for identification", he said. "They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people", he said previously. These are the types of investments - not a further militarized border - that will lead to more sustainable solutions for the USA, migrants, and their home countries.

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