YouTube Headquarters Shooter Identified As User Nasim Aghdam

YouTube shooting

Melia Robinson Business Insider

Another post accuses "close-minded" YouTube employees of putting an age restriction on videos, saying it's aimed at reducing views and discouraging the woman from making new videos.

"Youtube filtered my channels to keep them from getting views!" one of the messages said.

Police say so far the only connection they can find between her and YouTube is her anger that the service had recently changed how she was compensated for posting videos.

More than 1,100 people work at the YouTube campus in San Bruno. She was virtually unknown in a country where about 40 million people use the app. Initial reports came by way of various social media posts from those inside of the building. She had established a short-lived nonprofit charity called PeaceThunder and YouTube channels in English, Farsi and Turkish to promote her vegan views.

Kimia Shobeiri, 18, suggested the shooting was a ploy to get attention.

She then fatally shot herself. "With this act she damaged the reputation of Iranians".

Law enforcement officials have identified the suspect in the shooting at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno as Nasim Aghdam, 38, of Southern California.

San Diego sheriff's Lt. Karen Stubkjaer said Thursday that the father never told deputies that she was a danger to herself or others when he reported her missing.

At a Wednesday morning press conference, San Bruno Police Chief Ed Barberini said Nasim Aghdam had gone to a gun range in the area before driving to the YouTube headquarters near San Francisco and carrying out the shooting.

"She was insane and just wanted to make herself famous", she said.

Two of the shooting victims in the San Bruno attack have been released from the hospital.

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One of the victims - a 36-year-old man - remained in critical condition, a spokesman for San Francisco General Hospital said.

Aghdam posted about animal rights and veganism but she expressed frustration with YouTube allegedly demonetizing those videos.

On Jan. 28, Aghdam recorded a video of herself lamenting her perceived "discrimination" by YouTube, particularly railing on how YouTube determined her ab workout video was too racy and, therefore, filtered it.

Agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on Wednesday searched two homes where Nasim Aghdam had lived - one in Menifee, which is southeast of Los Angeles, and another in 4S Ranch, north of San Diego.

Aghdam wrote on her website: "There is no free speech in the world and you will be suppressed for telling the truth that is not supported by the system".

"It's not easy but it is what it is", her brother said. Ismail Aghdam said his daughter was not a terrorist and she was not violent.

The entire family was "very, very friendly", according to Rundell, who spoke most often with the father, an electrical contractor. A spokeswoman with the Sheriff's office there said the family did not say if they anxious Aghdam posed a threat to anyone.

"I was surprised to learn how people were so indifferent toward humanitarian issues; why harming and killing innocent animals were so normal to them". "It's not like she stood out", he told Mercury News.

San Bruno City Manager Connie Jackson told KTVU the situation was "relatively secure" about an hour after the gunshots were first reported.

"She was a weirdo", said one neighbor, who would only give her name as Lucy.

YouTubers can be paid for ads accompanying their videos, but the company "de-monetizes" some channels for various reasons, which means ads are not run with them. Originally built in the late 1990s for the clothing retailer Gap, the campus south of San Francisco is known for its sloped green roof of native grasses.

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