Facebook to notify users affected by data breach

Facebook Cto Mike Schroepfer Speaks During the Second Day of the Web Summit in Lisbon Portugal 08 November 2016 the Web Summit Runs From 07 Until 10 November 2016 Portugal Lisbon Portugal Web Summit- Nov 2016

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Life in Facebookistan: Speaking to Vox's Ezra Klein a few days ago, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg pointed to the company's detection and blocking of malicious messages flowing through Messenger from inside Myanmar, inciting Muslims and Buddhists to arm themselves and go fight each other, as an example of how it is taking seriously its role in that country's civil strife.

People living in totalitarian countries where dissent can be unsafe, for instance, or workers in the USA who want to organize around a cause that their employer doesn't support, might be less inclined to use Facebook to do so if they know they have to reveal their identity to someone, even if it is just Facebook.

"I think Facebook has not been clear enough with how to use its privacy settings", said Jamie Winterton, director of strategy for Arizona State University's Global Security Initiative. The Cambridge Analytica scandal only highlighted what was already known about data privacy.

Unfortunately for Facebook, Cambridge Analytica "improperly" took about 87 million cookies, or the data attached to 87 million of Facebook's users, according to the company's CTO Mike Schroepfer, in a blog post Wednesday. One of the lawmakers set to grill Zuckerberg is Sen.

"The content of messages between people is not used for ads targeting", a company spokesperson said.

A foreign entity could conceivably use such information to influence elections or stir up discord - exactly what Russian Federation is alleged to have done, using Facebook and other social media, in the 2016 presidential elections. Other Republican clients of Cambridge Analytica included Sen. He has spent more than eight years covering the ways that tech companies like Apple, Facebook and Google navigate the corridors of government - and the regulations that sometimes result. But participants unknowingly gave researchers access to the profiles of their Facebook friends, allowing them to collect data from millions more users.

Facebook is under intense pressure after the data of millions of its users ended up in the hands of political consultancy Cambridge Analytica.

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It could be a survey, a game or another application that allows users a single sign-on with their Facebook log-in.

If Facebook found that the profile behind the page was fake - using a stolen identity for instance - the people controlling that profile would no longer be able to post on the page. "I had never done a commercial project".

Companies including US auto parts retailer Pep Boys, internet company Mozilla and German bank Commerzbank AG have suspended advertisement on the platform. Carroll himself sued Cambridge Friday to recover data on him that the firm had obtained.

In the coming months, Facebook might bring either the message expiration timer into the direct chat feature or they would find a way to implement the "unsend" messages feature accordingly.

Moreover, the feature doesn't really justify how Facebook message service works.

Every advertiser who wants to run an issue ad will need to confirm their identity and location, Zuckerberg wrote.

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